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I. customer service consciousness


1, service purpose: to provide high quality service, to maximize sales.

Pre-sale service: product consulting, product publicity, tailored design between wei yu, hydropower guidance, etc.

Sale service: delivery, product installation, commissioning, use, maintenance instruction, etc.

After-sales service: product maintenance, information collection, feedback, customer satisfaction, etc.


2, the importance of the service:

Ensure the final product sales;

Product and service information feedback, and promote the product improvement and innovation;

Enhance the communication with customers, win customer trust and security;

Establish a good reputation, and promote the secondary relationship between sales and customers;

Necessary requirement for the sustainable development of enterprises.


3, high quality service, reliable product and comfortable environment, professional image, standardize etiquette, warm and thoughtful, fast response, focus on details.


II. the specialized service requirements


1. Instrument appearance, specification of service: look, language, gestures, movements and service, hair, smile, etc;

2. good moral, honest, and trustworthy, dedicated, gratitude, devotion;professional technical ability, professional knowledge of electrical and electronic technology, product maintenance, maintenance of product knowledge, professional ability training;

3. Professional ability of information statistics and analysis: the customer information, product maintenance records, customer consultation records, customer complaint records, major accident record

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