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Join condition


Join, han wei, management ability, pioneering ability is required, brand management service consciousness

Specific as follows:

1, a certain amount of money.

2, have the legal business qualification and suitable premises (need to be approved by the headquarters of the traffic is convenient, excellent geographical location).

3, approved han wei yu brand management idea, and a corresponding marketing knowledge and self-control consciousness, regional sales.

4, good at developing sales channels and after-sales distribution installation personnel.

5, the corresponding logistics ability (such as warehouse, vehicles, etc.).

6, no history, fake and inferior products agents, han wei yu product shall not have both at the same time other brands (similar).

7, satisfies the requirement of minimum investment and site equipment stage.

8, complete the minimum annual turnover, sales quota and the construction of the distribution.

9, sanitary ware sales experience.

10, can complete market shop goods and promotional requirements as required.

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